A Little Bit of Everything I Love...

Hey there!

A lifelong equestrian, artist and dreamer (also, a double Pisces!), Zodiac Unicorn Art (ZUA) began when I merged my love of horses with the intuitive magic of astrology to imagine the twelve Zodiac signs as unicorns. But not just any unicorns – each sign is thoughtfully designed as a specific breed of horse, whose personality does indeed align with the sign it represents (for example, anyone who knows horses and has a Pisces in their life will tell you that the deeply sensitive, often flighty Arabian horse is the *perfect* Zodiac representation of the dreamy water sign!).As an artist, horses have always been my favorite subject. 

But I didn’t stop there! ZUA has since taken on a life of its own and I’m grateful to have this outlet that combines a little bit of everything I love. From plant-based pun fun, to celestial watercolor abstracts, to the magic of the moon phases; everything in my shop represents my interests and has been designed to bring happy vibes and big smiles. My artistic process combines ink, colored pencil and watercolor; it’s simple, but effective. The overall vibe is decidedly whimsical. And I love spending time creating new designs, so check back often!  

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